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Terms of business

Easy shopping:
You like to order: please fill out our prepared order form. Use the 'order-link' in the shopping cart

We need the following informations:

  • Name, first name
  • Address
  • E-mail address, Phone, Fax
  • Quantity of items
  • requested way of payment (no electronic cash yet) )

This enables us to handle your order as soon as possible.


We confirm your order via e-mail within 24 hours.

Available items / complete orders will be sent within 2 days, but due to far distance imports delay may occur. Please be patient, we always try to complete your order.

Notice: it is possible for third persons to spy out your transmitted informations. We cannot garantee by 100% the security of this transmission.
Be aware of taking that risk!

If you can't find a requested item in our catalogue write us an E-Mail or use the prepared contact-form. We do our best to fulfil your wishes!

Shipment and payment conditions:

Deliveries abroad:
Shipment costs depend on country of destination.
We calculate the cheapest post rates.
Minimum rate: 4,00 Euro.
No free shipping!

We confirm your order within 24 hours by mailing you a pro forma invoice. After that we expect your payment within three weeks. (If nothing happens within this time, we regard your order as cancelled) Note: Sometimes bank transfers are incredibely expensive. Make sure that the exact total amount will reach us (i.e.:all transfer costs to your account).
We ship the goods by post as letter or parcel immediately after payment has arrived.

Online payment through

Easy payment from abroad even without credit card at Canzone.Online! We opened an accounts at the most reliable money transfer company PAYPAL.

Account name:

For registration and further information about (terms of business, payment conditions,etc.) go to the website

Exclusion of liability: we take no responsibility for problems with Paypal.


Shipments inside GERMANY only:
Another possible option of shipment: CASH ON DELIVERY (besides the normal shipping costs you pay here a collection fee of 2,40 € plus 2,00 € exta COD post fee).

Normal shipping costs inside Germany only:
1 or 2 CDs or DVDs: € 2.-
3 or 4 CDs or DVDs: € 3.-
Notice: A double-CD counts as 3 CDs or DVDs
Free shipment for more than 4 CDs! or DVDs
In order to garantee free shipment tell us alternative titles!

Return policy

Our German terms of business are significant

No Exchange!

Damaged sound carrier will taken back and replaced though.

Returns only after agreement. Returns without an agreement will not be accepted by our enterprise.

The risks of delivery are untertaken by the receiver.

The delivered goods are property of Jordan & Riedl GbR until complete payment!

According to § 19 German UStG the invoice amount does not include VAT.
All rights reserved to change prices.

With your order You accept the terms of delivery of Reiner Jordan.

Berlin, January 2019

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